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How to Glue a Bail to a Cabochon

Use E6000 glue. Buy a small tube, as it dries out when it sits around. First "dry fit" the cab, so you know exactly where you want it to be.  Then, prepare the back of the cabochon by cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol. For extra security in adhesion, you can use an electric etcher to scratch the glass, just in the area where you will put your glue, but this step isn't necessary if you follow the rest of the directions carefully. Put a small amount of glue on the bail, centering the glue in the little oval depression.  Squeeze the bail onto the back of the cabochon. If you got it right the first time, there will be about 1/16 inch of squeeze-out all around the bail leaf. Let it dry like that for at least 24 hours. If you have put too much on, carefully wipe some of the excess away with a toothpick or sturdy q-tip. When it is dry the next day, you can clean it nicely, by cutting off (kind of scraping or shaving) the excess with a razor or X-acto blade, still leaving that magic 1/16 inch around the edge. I don't know the technical reasons, but the small amount of excess glue around the leaf seems to guarantee that it will stay.  You can buy E6000 in craft supply stores.  You can buy the glue-on bails from my eBay store.  You can message me to remind me to list the bails if you don't see any available in my eBay store.

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What do glue-on bails look like?  Here is a photo:

For a Millimeter-Inch Chart, Click Here


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