Carolyn, 2016
Palm Desert, CA
I've taught individuals and classes since 1969.
Still Loving Yoga
Carolyn Relei

        I've been blessed to be able to teach yoga, beginning in Mt. Shasta, with the encouragement of my first teacher, Shivaram, in 1969, and I have continued with committed daily personal yoga practice for over 50 years.
        Introduced to yoga through the  Sivananda tradition, I have also gained much from classes and workshops I've attended, taught by noted Iyengar teachers Donald Moyers,  Ramanand Patel, and Rodney Yee, by Ashtanga luminary Pattabhi Jois, and Sivananda teachers, including Pradeep Teotia, as well as Bihar teacher Swami Yogaratna in India, and from many other teachers of various lineages and systems.  I also had the good fortune of attending lectures and kirtans at the storefront Frederick Street Hare Krishna temple in San Francisco in 1967, when A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami (Prabhupada), founder of the Hare Krishna movement, personally lectured and presided over a small group of young attendees.  The impact of his devotion and wisdom on my life is incalculable.
        As the path of yoga goes from the gross to the refined, from the body to mind to spirit itself, we can spiral upward, ever repeating, though not repeating, the wisdom and practice of yoga.
        I am registered with Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500).
Be as well as you can be
Be as loving as you can be
See as far as you can see
Stretch and breathe and move freely
Yoga works at any age
Releasing limits at every stage
Lubes this machine, the bodily cage
With it our lives can turn a page
The practice keeps our fears at bay
Gives us a calm and serene day
And joy in life in work and play.

Carolyn Relei 2016
Yoga has been the pole star of my life since 1967, when I was exposed to Sivananda Yoga and Bhakti Yoga - the physical and devotional sides of yoga.  Immediately serious, I began my morning practice before dawn and taught yoga classes to people of all ages, beginning in 1969 in Mt. Shasta.  The true goal of yoga is to go from the gross to the refined, from the body to mind to spirit itself.  As I've reached the elder years, I've been delighted to find out that this is a natural sequence and outcome of this ancient practice.
Yoga Class Can Be Serious and Be Fun!
My first teacher, SivaRam, showed us the wonder of beautiful fluid, postures, while gently joking, explaining the meanings of the names of the postures, and assisting us in our efforts in the postures.  My classes reflect, in some small way, that early influence.
Through Yoga You Will:
 Learn to breathe with attention
 Move with fluidity and grace
 Lessen internal stress, develop calm
 Transform your fears into joy
 Appreciate your own aliveness