The best person to choose as a teacher or a coach is on who has been where you now are and gotten through it.  I have been practicing yoga for 50 years!  I have been through the joy finding yoga and restoring my health when in my early twenties.  I became flexible and able to do many advanced asanas, spontaneously and perfectly.  Although I kept up with my yoga practice after my children were born, my uninterrupted time was lessened.  Over the years I encountered the usual householder life stuff - dealing with family, money, and my own personality.  Among other things, my body suffered from injurious falls, my foot was injured from tap-dancing on concrete floors, and my wrists were injured by an incompetent yoga teacher.  Each time something happened meant a recovery period where I had to be like a beginner again.  I write this with joy, as the body has a remarkable capacity to restore itself, with the help of consistent practice, affirmations, massage, relaxation techniques, and more.  I encourage you to give yoga a chance to work its magic, again and again.