Still Loving Yoga
Carolyn Relei

Carolyn, 2016
Palm Desert, CA
Yoga Class Can Be Serious and Be Fun!
My first teacher, Sivaram, showed us the wonder of beautiful fluid postures, while gently joking, explaining the meanings of the names of the postures, and assisting us in our efforts in the postures.  None of us had ever been exposed to yoga, but we were trying things that looked impossible and strange and we were having fun.  My classes reflect, in some small way, that early influence.
I've learned from many great, famous, and serious teachers over the years, yet my early introduction to yoga is where I found the heart of yoga, the joy and the peace of breathing, meditating and chanting.
I like to provide my students with a guide for home practice.  A group class is invigorating, yet developing the discipline to practice on one's own and experience the joy of a meditative solitary session is a great part of a personal yoga practice.

Small group classes in South Palm Desert
Private and Semi-Private Instruction
Eclectic style informed by years of practice and training, gentle, with focus on flexibility, mobility, joy, and relaxation

I've taught individuals and classes since 1969.
What I want for my students:
 To develop and continue a lifelong personal yoga practice that embodies physical, spiritual and ethical precepts of yoga
To develop an awareness of the breath by learning the basic breathing practices (pranayama)
Awareness of the Yamas and Niyamas (observances and avoidances of yogis) and activation of those principles in everyday life
To become familiar with the relevant powerful messages of the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita
To include the simple daily eye exercises which are an integral part of the Sivananda lineage
To develop the ability to relax deeply in Savasana (corpse pose)
To develop the ability to live in the present moment, while savoring the past and preparing for the future

What I want from my students
Give yoga a chance to work for you - do some aspect of the practice daily for at least a half hour.
Compare yourself to no one.  Yoga is a personal journey.  Overall you will become more flexible over time while enjoying the immediate benefits in mood and calmness.
Ask questions and alert me if you have some unusual pains or reactions to the postures.
Only do what you can do comfortably.  If you get to the point of pain when stretching into a posture, back off a bit.   Don't ever go past the point of pain.  Consistent practice over time will gently stretch out the most reluctant stiffness.
Wear comfortable clothing that you feel good in.
Avoid eating within 2 hours before class
Please do not wear scented products or perfumes in class.
If you need to leave class early, please exit before or after, but not during, savasana.  It works its magic best in an undisturbed environment.